Winner Unveiling December 5th

The votes are in and being counted! We will unveil the winner during the Midway City Council Meeting on December 5th at 5:30pm

  • A four-pointed star represents Midway’s location between its neighboring cities.
  • White lines evoke a railroad heading off into the distance.
  • 4 red “M”s evoke a barn quilt and form a star representing Midway’s name & location.
  • Two diagonal lines represent the railroad traveling SE to NW.
  • An eight-pointed star represents the headlight of a train entering town.
  • Yellow rays represent main street and the railroad tracks.
  • A four-pointed star represents Midway’s location between its neighboring cities.
  • Crossing lines represent the railroad and Winter street.

Blue: Midway’s connection to Kentucky

Gold: Midway’s prosperity and cherished character

White: Midway’s optimism and ambition

Green: Midway’s history, horse farms, and natural beauty

Red: Midway’s connection to the Unites States

Flags will soon be available

Timeless Flag Design

The city flags that find the most use in their communities are simple, distinct & meaningful.

Chicago IL
Mugs with the Chicago skyline stylized like the city flag
Wichita KS
A mural of Carrie Nation using the Wichita flag design
South Bend IN
A pride lapel pin in the style of the South Bend flag

Midway Flag Committee

Ira Langdon

Chair & Vexillologist

Courtney Neikirk

Merchant Representative

Christina Reaves

Museum Representative

David Hume

Historical Representative

Lori Meadows

Arts Representative

Mike Michalisin

University Representative

Steve Simoff

City Council Representative

About Us

Established on June 21st, 2022
by the Midway City Council,
the Midway Flag Committee
is a volunteer group responsible
for the flag adoption process
of Midway, KY


Midway Flag Committee
P.O. Box 4275,
Midway, KY 40347