A Banner for All of Midway

Our town’s newest symbol for civic pride, the Midway flag was adopted December 5th, 2022 after a winning a city-wide vote.

A Compass Rose in the center represents Midway’s location, for which it’s named.

Blue: Optimism & Ambition
Gold: Prosperity & Charm
Green: History & Nature

4 Gold Rays evoke the railroad tracks and buildings of Main Street going off into the distance.

“It’s hard to strike a balance between realism and abstraction.
This one does it.
Al Cross, Midwegian

Designed by
Tom McCoy

A multidisciplinary creative in Nicholasville, KY

Adopting Our Flag


Flags Reviewed


Months Spent


Ballot Counted

  • May 2017

    Roman Mars presents a TED Talk that sparks a wave of interest in city flags

  • January 11th, 2022

    Ira Langdon emails Mayor Vandegrift proposing the idea of a city flag for Midway

  • June 20th

    The Midway Flag Committee is established by the Midway City Council

  • July 2nd

    A design contest for the flag is announced at Sparks in the Park

  • August 22nd

    Four finalists are selected by the committee with help from NAVA

  • Late October

    A second round of ballots are mailed out to residents of Midway following a printing error

  • December 5th

    The design by Tom McCoy receives 67% of the ranked choice vote and is adopted as the official city flag of Midway, KY

From Right to Left: Mike, Courtney, Christy, Ira, Steve, Lori, David.

Midway Flag Committee

Ira Langdon

Chair & Vexillologist

Courtney Neikirk

Merchant Representative

Christina Reaves

Museum Representative

David Hume

Historical Representative

Lori Meadows

Arts Representative

Mike Michalisin

University Representative

Steve Simoff

City Council Representative

Special Thanks to

Mayor Grayson Vandegrift

NAVA Secretary Ted Kaye

City Clerks Sonya, Cindy & Liz

Joe Goreman & Brian Chaim

John McGary


Bethany Langdon